Sikorsky S-97 Raider Helicopter – test flight

Sikorsky will conduct a significant amount of ground testing on its S-97 Raider helicopter before returning to flight trials.

The company has built two S-97 experimental demonstrators as risk-reduction leading into upcoming Future Vertical Lift (FVL) acquisition, and the coaxial-compound, rigid-rotor configuration is the basis for the Boeing-Sikorsky SB-1 Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator.

Modern helicopters usually have a few basic elements a fuselage, a main rotor on top, and a tail rotor at the back.

That’s all well and good for doing things like lifting off and coming down vertically, moving side-to-side, and hovering in one place, but there are limitations when it comes to going fast.

Basically, a helicopter’s main rotor blade can only spin so fast before it starts breaking the sound barrier, and the shockwave that produces wouldn’t be the best for both human comfort and flight.