How To Make a Shuriken (Japanese Throwing Dart)

A shuriken is a type of hidden weapon which does damage by throwing it like a projectile. It is made of metal and is of traditional Japanese origin. It means “blade behind the hand” or “blade under the sleeve”. The shuriken martial art is called shuriken-jutsu (shuriken technique) or shuriken-do (shuriken path).

At first, the shuriken were made of wood (todu), but were changed to metal because they were more effective. It has sharp points and sharp edges with which it attacks and penetrates the enemies. Often, these weapons were poisoned to improve their effectiveness.

Check out this video demonstration by Walter Sorrells on his YouTube channel where Walter explains and makes one of the shuriken. Have you ever had the experience to throw one of them? Do you think it is a reliable weapon? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.