240 rockets, 10-wheel trailer, four 122mm rocket launchers, Multiple Cradle (MCL) Defense Systems

240 rocket, 10-wheel trailer, four 122mm rocket launchers, Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL) – Behemoth Defense Systems

Jobaria Defense Systems (JDS), based in Abu Dhabi, has developed the Multiple Cradle Launcher (MCL), which is being shown at IDEX for the first time in both the static and in the mobility display.

The complete system consists of an Oshkosh Defense 6×6 Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) that tows a 10-wheel semi-trailer with four 122mm rocket launchers. The HET is fitted with a protected cab, an air conditioning system and a central tyre inflation system.

Mounted on the semi-trailer are four power operated rocket launchers. Each of these has three pods of 20 122mm launcher tubes.

Prior to launching the rockets, 10 stabilisers are extended by remote control on the semi-trailer, which is provided with an auxiliary power unit that allows the complete system to be run with the HET engine switched off.

A computerised fire control system is fitted for increased accuracy and the operator can select one pod of 122mm rockets or a number of pods, depending on the type of target to be engaged.

Accuracy is further enhanced by the installation of a global positioning/inertial navigation system, with each rocket launcher cradle being provided with its own inertial navigation unit.

The system can fire Roketsan 122mm TR-122 rockets fitted with a high explosive (HE) warhead activated by a point detonating fuze or Roketsan TRB-122 rockets fitted with HE steel ball warhead activated by a proximity fuze. Maximum range is being quoted as 40km, with a minimum range of 16km.

Once the rockets have been launched, the system would normally redeploy to another position where new pods of rockets would be rapidly loaded using the onboard crane of the dedicated support vehicle.